Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted in a while, and
why? Well, honestly, I totally forgot, which means my scatterbrain now has to try and remember what happend. 

I know there was the wedding, which was great by the way and included a trip to New South Sales (first time ever). 
The day after that was Dreamworld. So much fun, I'll totally do that again.
Oh, and we went to the Zoo. Awesome time. Got sunburned , but at least I am a little tanned now.
And after that, it gets blurry, probably because I have been sick, not overly but my tummy has some kind of a problem :)

Anyway, I have no Idea what else to say, so this will be it for now but there will be more soon, that I promise!

Love you all, 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I realise, it has been 5 days, since my last post, so here come another update :) I can't remember everything that has happened since then, but the most important things shall be told to you :)

Friday has kinda slipped my mind, I can't, for the life of me remember what I did, but I am pretty certain I was with Jacob, huh just came back to me :) Friday was the day I went to visit Bethany, because we hadn't seen each other in a while. We had dinner and saw a movie (Enchanted - another great Disney Classic) it was great catching up, even though the way home was horrible and took me an hour (instead of the usual 30 minutes) because all the main roads were still closed. Oh yeah, and in the morning I had gotten a call from work, telling me, I would no longer be needed, due to the fact that a girl that was suppossed to finish and go to Uni (or something) won't do that, and so they don't need me anymore. Yeah, that's my luck...

I went over to Jacob's that night and we spend the day together, watching Charmed and being in the pool. 
Saturday, hard to remember, spend a bit with Jacob, but he had to work, was home the rest of the day. 

Sunday was another good day! It was pretty much just Dad and me! We went to town, had lunch, went shopping ( he bought me two new shirts) and we just kinda connected, which was great cos it was the first time, in a long time, we had done something together! And then in the afternoon I went to Jacob's where I stayed til today. Yesterday was really relaxed, with swimming and TV and today we went to the zoo, which was great and I totally held a snake, which felt rather cool and not as slimy as one would expect. After Zoo, we all had Icecream and I realised, I got badly sunburned, which didn't stop us from going for another swim :)

Yeah, so much for the week, tomorrow will be a calm day, hanging with Jacob, claening the house, that kinda thing and thursday I shall be packing for Sydney, because the Wedding is on saturday and we leave friday. 
Monday we'll be going to dreamworld, but I'll tell you more about all that in my next post!

Enjoy the rest of your day and spread the love


Thursday, January 13, 2011

most epic day ever!!!!


hope you all had a good day, cos I certainly did!

I finally went to the movies and saw 'Tangled' and I gotta say, it's such a great movie, it might just become my second favourite Disney movie? After Snow White of course, because Snow White rules and NOTHING (not even a movie with Mandy Moore's voice) can trump that!

And then me and Jacob just strolled trough town (well Grand Central Shopping Centre) a little bit and you won't believe it, but I bought a Nintendo 64! Well, we're sharing it, but it was my idea! I also got a game, Pokemon stadium. Why? Well, for two reasons: 1. its an awesome game and 2. I remember playing it with my two cousins and my sister at my grandma's place when we were little and we were having so much fun. I guess I was being sentimental, but it is a great game!

And then we went home (well, back to Jacob's this is) which took us like an hour (instead of the usual 30 mins.) because of all the flood damage! Seriously annopyed me!!!
Then we spend the rest of the night watching Charmed, because it's my all time fav. show and cos he mad me watch all seasons of Supernatural and a Deal is a Deal :)

And now I am home, because I cant spend every night not being at home and because my bed told me, it missed me (and maybe because I missed Dad a little bit, due to the fact we haven't seen each other much lately). 

Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys and shall now get back to playing the 64, even though it came with an ugly ass (yellow) controller. 

Enjoy life everyone, 

see you soon

xoxo Bianca


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello everybody!

I don't know who heard about it, though probably everyone that has a TV, but there are floods everywhere in this country right now! Its really terrible, and so many ppl died. Luckily, the area where I live is not really affected. Though, the next town just started evacuating ppl!

Anyway, onto happier subjects, I have just been talking to family in germany, cos its my grandma's 80th birthday, and just to talk to them. They're all fine and all feeling well :) yay.

I cant really say much more, cos apart from the floodings everyting has been rather calm with me, so I shall post somemore sometime soon :)

XOXO Bianca

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aloha everyone :)

How is it going? I just updated a photograph from the formal, where you can see me in my pink princess dress with Jacob!

How was today, you may ask? Pretty good! I started the day off with getting up at 6 am. to drive Jacob to work, then refueled my car, went home, watched the OC (awesome show!!!) and then the day was finally here: Aleera's Namingday :) YAY!!! Jacob and I went, it was pretty good, she is so adorable and I loved seeing Roxie again!

Then it was, over to Jacobs, watching some Supernatural (another great show) and playing the Twilightgame with his family; I WON!!!! ;)

And now, well now I am here, telling you about my day :)

I shall watch some more OC later and just chilax tomorrow. Sometime soon I wanna see tangled :)

Anyhow, so much for now,

Luv u all


Thursday, January 6, 2011

UPDATE for 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I wanna apologise, that it me so long to create another post; more than a year, I should be ashamed ;)
But now I am back and its part of my New Years resolutions to keep this up, so I will!!

So, little recap of what's happened so far...

During X-Mas Time I had a job as 'Santa's little Helper' and it was lots of fun! And really good pay ;)
I spend X-Mas Eve with Dad and X-Mas Day with Jacob (boyfriend) and his family! Good times :)

The Formal happened (ages ago) and it was great fun and I looked like a princess ;)

Today was my first day at my new job at Brumby's (which is a Bakery for anyone who doen't know) and its pretty fun, even though now my feet hurt like hell and are swollen, but I get free food, which is totally worth it ;)

On Saturday, it's my best friend Roxie's Babys naming ceremony (cos Roxie's a mum now), which I will be attending and I got Aleera (the baby) the cutest little outfit! I also saw the two of them today, it was nice, cos they're my favourites :)

Then in two weeks (on the 22) I will go to New South Wales (Sydney) to attend Jacob's Uncles Wedding. That will be very awesome!

And in feburary I am invited to another wedding; but now I might be going to far ahead.
But this is my schedule, now everyone is up to date again :)

Anything else interesting? Well I have my licence (finnaly, did I mention that already?) and drive around in Mum's car, while she's not using it and some idiot crashed into it while it was parked somewhere and the front number plate came off. So stupid!! Also, one of the lights of the car is broken, but Dad'll fix that as soon as he gets time cos he's getting busy in his shop, which is a good thing.

So, I am pretty sure this is it so far, but I keep you guys posted, literally :)

Have fun & enjoy life

XOXO Bianca

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am sick. It's really annoying, but what's a girl to do?
At least its just a cold and not tonsilitis, like last time.
So spend all day in bed today, watching The Vampire Diaries and I gotta say, its a good show, though I am kinda getting sick of all the vampire romances, but at least Elena doesn't ask Stefan to turn her. Or at least not yet.
Yeah, I hope I'll be better by wednesday cos no way I am gonna miss teh formal!

Anyways, so much for now,