Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aloha everyone :)

How is it going? I just updated a photograph from the formal, where you can see me in my pink princess dress with Jacob!

How was today, you may ask? Pretty good! I started the day off with getting up at 6 am. to drive Jacob to work, then refueled my car, went home, watched the OC (awesome show!!!) and then the day was finally here: Aleera's Namingday :) YAY!!! Jacob and I went, it was pretty good, she is so adorable and I loved seeing Roxie again!

Then it was, over to Jacobs, watching some Supernatural (another great show) and playing the Twilightgame with his family; I WON!!!! ;)

And now, well now I am here, telling you about my day :)

I shall watch some more OC later and just chilax tomorrow. Sometime soon I wanna see tangled :)

Anyhow, so much for now,

Luv u all


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