Thursday, January 6, 2011

UPDATE for 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I wanna apologise, that it me so long to create another post; more than a year, I should be ashamed ;)
But now I am back and its part of my New Years resolutions to keep this up, so I will!!

So, little recap of what's happened so far...

During X-Mas Time I had a job as 'Santa's little Helper' and it was lots of fun! And really good pay ;)
I spend X-Mas Eve with Dad and X-Mas Day with Jacob (boyfriend) and his family! Good times :)

The Formal happened (ages ago) and it was great fun and I looked like a princess ;)

Today was my first day at my new job at Brumby's (which is a Bakery for anyone who doen't know) and its pretty fun, even though now my feet hurt like hell and are swollen, but I get free food, which is totally worth it ;)

On Saturday, it's my best friend Roxie's Babys naming ceremony (cos Roxie's a mum now), which I will be attending and I got Aleera (the baby) the cutest little outfit! I also saw the two of them today, it was nice, cos they're my favourites :)

Then in two weeks (on the 22) I will go to New South Wales (Sydney) to attend Jacob's Uncles Wedding. That will be very awesome!

And in feburary I am invited to another wedding; but now I might be going to far ahead.
But this is my schedule, now everyone is up to date again :)

Anything else interesting? Well I have my licence (finnaly, did I mention that already?) and drive around in Mum's car, while she's not using it and some idiot crashed into it while it was parked somewhere and the front number plate came off. So stupid!! Also, one of the lights of the car is broken, but Dad'll fix that as soon as he gets time cos he's getting busy in his shop, which is a good thing.

So, I am pretty sure this is it so far, but I keep you guys posted, literally :)

Have fun & enjoy life

XOXO Bianca

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